ABBYY FineReader PDF: La solución PDF más inteligente

Convierta, edite, comparta y colabore en PDF y documentos escaneados en el entorno de trabajo digital.

FineReader PDF permite a los profesionales maximizar la eficiencia en el entorno de trabajo digital. Con la última tecnología OCR basada en la IA de ABBYY, FineReader PDF simplifica la digitalización, recuperación, edición, protección, el uso compartido y la colaboración en cualquier tipo de documento en el mismo flujo de trabajo. Quienes trabajan con información ahora se pueden centrar más en sus experiencias y menos en las tareas administrativas.

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Funciones clave

FineReader PDF le ayuda a hacer el trabajo


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clientes corporativos

Reseña en vídeo de nuestro usuario empresarial

"Me gusta FineReader porque es una forma muy rápida y sencilla de editar documentos PDF, además de visualizarlos. Lo que más me gusta es la función de comparación de documentos. FineReader es la solución perfecta para mi negocio."

Ray M.

Relaciones gubernamentales

Reseña en vídeo de nuestro usuario empresarial

«Soy administrador de sistemas dentro del ámbito jurídico y le doy a ABBYY FineReader PDF una calificación cinco de cinco. El software es estupendo. Es muy rápido. Es muy preciso, y nos encanta».

Kevin H.

Administrador de sistemas


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Para organizaciones

Permita que sus empleados optimicen los procesos de PDF en toda la organización con unas opciones de licencias sencillas y flexibles a partir de cinco licencias.


Para particulares

FineReader integra los documentos escaneados en los flujos de trabajo digitales y hace más fácil digitalizar, convertir, recuperar, editar, proteger, compartir y colaborar con todo tipo de documentos en el entorno de trabajo digital.

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Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

Millones de clientes en todo el mundo confían en ABBYY FineReader PDF para realizar tareas documentales con eficiencia.

"A fantastic document OCR / conversion tool"

Excellent price point, simplicity of use. Extracted text accuracy (e.g. PDF to Word) is excellent - staggering sometimes when you see the input quality. The comparison tool is particularly useful for seeing how someone may have altered a document sent then printed / scanned into PDF.

What our customers sayJeremy B Director, Small business

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"There is really no competitor for FineReader 15"

It has an uncanny ability to accurately deconstruct a document and capture the text, non-text elements and the layout. And it does this in multiple languages with equal accuracy. I think the product is unsurpassed.

What our customers sayEli W President, Small business

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"It makes my job easier"

ABBYY digitalizes documents and images and allows me to save them in different formats, preserving the structure of said documents and images. It's simply amazing

What our customers sayLiliana AProgramador, Government Administration

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"It works well for grabbing the text off scanned documents"

The best part of ABBYY FineReader is how when you import a scanned document to OCR, you can see it scanning before your eyes. It looks really cool!

What our customers sayCarol G Medical Records Administrator

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"An indispensable program for my work"

FineReader is helping me out with text recognition. I do not know what to do without it. It saves a lot of time, while the finished text almost does not have to edit.

What our customers sayNatalia C Human Resources Consultant

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"ABBYY FineReader is my everyday partner"

I have been using Abbby FineReader for few years and it is awsome how much it simplifies my office life. I recognize printscreens, sacnned pdfs and it really can speed my work a lot.

What our customers sayTomasz W.Client Service Director Research

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"Solid pdf application"

The programs functions are easier to find than adobe, and this is a solid pdf application. The pricing model is good, not requiring a subscription. Features are good.

What our customers sayTheodore A.Attorney At Law

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Excellent PDF OCR solution

This software came bundled with my Fujitsu ScanSnap and I've been using it for over 12 years. The software is still running perfectly and converting my scans to PDF and OCR'ing them for future reference.

What our customers sayJesus P.CEO/President, Self-employed

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"A nice alternative to the usual Adobe Acrobat PDF Editor"

Seemingly smooth integration with my Xerox Scanner. Obvious button labeling and layout that makes finding actions intuitive. Low overall Memory footprint while using, which has been great when running multiple programs simultaneously. The conversion to various Office documents was also a very nice touch that I did not expect to have.

Justin R Senior Project Engineer

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"The Perfect Alternative to the Strangle-Hold of the Industry Leader"

FineReader PDF 15 provides the software platform you need for 95% of everything you need to do with any of your documents, your screen capture images and Portable Document Format documents. I love the ability to use this software on my laptop or desktop with the same level of performance. Capturing data for PDF resiliency is great.

Doug B Chief, SSI Program Office

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"Simple to Use. Nice features. Relatively inexpensive relative to competing products."

Simple to use/install. Nice features. Relatively inexpensive relative to competing products.

Administrator in Financial Services

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"Best PDF editing and book OCR in the market"

Ability to determine and change the fields in the layout of a scanned page. Marking the pics and text independently. Editing without spoiling the layout. You can even translate within ABBYY on the existing layout and save as a PDF again in a new language.

Oytun s Operations

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Worthwhile improvements

ABBYY FineReader 15 is a worthwhile improvement over previous versions.  I use ABBYY FineReader very often for making useable and readable documents from techmanuals you need an electron microscope to read, as well as way to store and search them.


What our customers sayFineReader PDF user In-app review

Powerful yet easy to use

This is the product for which I have been searching. It is powerful yet easy to use; accurate and fast.

What our customers sayFineReader PDF user In-app review