Digitize, convert, annotate, and edit documents with ABBYY® FineReader® PDF

Digital transformation in public administration requires new ways of working and modern tools. FineReader PDF offers comprehensive document processing tools and convenient conversion options for day-to-day tasks at the workstations of digitized administration.


FineReader PDF Desktop

Master the process of digitization at every workstation

Document tasks in the public sector


Document digitization

With FineReader PDF, you can easily convert all incoming and existing documents into searchable, digital formats. You have the choice between manual and automated conversion (Hot Folder function). This means you can simplify and enhance access to documents and information considerably compared to traditional paper records.


Long-term archiving

FineReader PDF offers well-developed functions for optimal preparation of documents for digital archiving. You can compress PDF files significantly without impairing their visual quality. Support for PDF/A format enables long-term access to your archive, making it future proof in terms of technology.


Streamlining document processing

Speed up processing time on your tasks. FineReader PDF offers numerous editing and collaboration tools for documents in PDF format. You benefit from machine-based information search capabilities and the smooth exchange of documents across your organization.


PDF accessibility

No limits on user groups or technologies: FineReader PDF supports conversion into formats that enable document accessibility. Documents digitized using text recognition (OCR) make image files — such as those from scans, for example — accessible to screen readers.

Accessibility Compliance Report (VPAT®) (PDF)

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