Learn how ABBYY technologies work and how they help boost productivity.

According to our research, PDF documents account for up to 70% of a modern business' document workflow on average, and about 1/3 of them are created from scans. ABBYY technologies help access documents and increase the value of your business by making related processes in your organization faster and more efficient.


What is a PDF?

Today, the PDF is an essential and universal standard for the exchange of information in a fast-paced world. What is a PDF and why has it become a standard for the exchange of information in our digital world?

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PDF standards

Since July 2008 the PDF format, originally invented by Adobe, is an international ISO standard, including a range of subset standards for archiving, accessibility, engineering and more. Multiple vendors nowadays develop and provide software for viewing, editing, creation, and protection of PDF documents.

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What is OCR?

The exact mechanisms that allow humans to recognize objects are yet to be understood, but the three basic principles are already well known by scientists – integrity, purposefulness and adaptability (IPA). These principles constitute the core of ABBYY FineReader OCR technology allowing it to replicate natural or human-like character recognition of printed texts.

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PDF сonversion

The PDF format was originally intended to display the exact same content and layout regardless of operating system, device, or software application it is viewed on. Nowadays however, it has become a necessity to be able to search through PDF documents, extract information or convert complete documents into editable formats. This is not always easy, especially if the PDF is an image-only file created with a scanner.

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Types of PDF

PDF documents can be categorized in three different types, depending on the way the file originated. How it was originally created also defines whether the content of the PDF (text, images, tables) can be accessed or whether it is “locked” in an image of the page.

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Sign PDFs digitally

Digital signatures are used to identify the person signing a document and also to help verify a document’s integrity. Digital signatures are based on certificates that contain data about the signee as well as any changes made to the electronic document after signing.

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Old european languages and gothic fonts

ABBYY has been developing OCR for digitizing old books since 2003, and now it supports Black Letter, Schwabacher, and most other Gothic fonts in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Latvian Gothic.

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