General Financial Directorate (GFŘ) increases operational efficiency with ABBYY FineReader

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Generální finanční ředitelství
Czech Republic


As a big governmental organization directly involved with state-administered taxes and the preparation of legislation, the Financial Directorate is a real document processing factory. Employees in various administrative departments, including tax and legal departments, routinely receive large amounts of printed and PDF documents from diverse organizations.

Hence, there is the need to extract and process relevant information in those documents in order to use them for internal and external documentation produced by the Directorate. The Financial Directorate also experienced problems converting some of the incoming documents to Microsoft Word or Excel format for use by its employees.


After trying out solutions from other vendors, the Directorate settled on ABBYY FineReader. The ability of FineReader to accurately convert incoming documents to Word or Excel formats became a real game changer for many employees. It not only relieved employees from routine work such as manually retyping texts from inbound documents, it significantly increased productivity and accuracy of their work.

“Many of our employees who work with complicated documents say they couldn’t already imagine their work without FineReader because it saves a lot of time and relieves them from tedious routine.”

Martin Pipek,Director of the IT Department in Hradec Králové branch

With the release of the latest FineReader 14, GFŘ successfully switched to it from previously used FineReader 12. “The switch was smooth and fast, especially considering the scale and distributed office structure of our organization” says Mr. Pipek, who has been responsible for the deployment of FineReader across all the offices of GFŘ in Czech Republic. FineReader 14 further expanded GFŘ employees’ abilities by providing them with a set of PDF tools and a unique document comparison feature, in addition to FineReader’s core document conversion capabilities.


FineReader 14 is currently installed on about a half of all the workstations in GFŘ. The software is regularly used by about 10% of GFŘ employees, saving the agency thousands of man-hours monthly.

Why FineReader?

GFŘ has already had years of successful history of FineReader use. Earlier, GFŘ tried other OCR solutions, but none could provide the expected level of quality and accuracy. Finereader’s superior OCR accuracy, especially for Czech language, and its ability to correctly convert tables and documents with complex formatting became one of the main advantages.

Another key benefit of FineReader for GFŘ was its easy license management and deployment, and flexible licensing policy. Given the complex office structure the organization has, network deployment with centralized license management and concurrent licensing offered by FineReader Corporate, provided GFŘ with the most costeffective solution for their tasks.

When FineReader 14 was released, GFŘ switched to the newest version without hesitation after its internal tests confirmed that it continuously delivers superior results.



Obtaining an all-in-one document capture and conversion solution for processing large quantities of multi-format documents and elimination of tedious manual input of information.



ABBYY FineReader 14



  • Thousands on man-hours saved across government departments
  • Organization-wide deployment of FineReader for document processing
  • Workflows acceleration throughout the Directorate


About Generální finanční ředitelství

General Financial Directorate (under the Ministry of Finance of Czech Rep.) is a research, analytical and information collection and processing body of the Ministry of Finance, operating for the whole territory of Czech Republic. In total, GFŘ has 14 offices across the country and about 13000 employees.