Working more productively with legal documents

Working More Productively with Legal Documents

PDF documents are key to helping law firms store, retrieve and share information. But without a single easy way to automate the creation, management and communication of PDFs, firms face high-cost manual labor.

Until now. Because ABBYY FineReader PDF gives legal professionals all the features and ease they need, at a very affordable price.

Read this e-book to learn how ABBYY can help you equip the legal professionals on your staff with a powerful tool to:


  • Enhance Collaboration with PDFs.
  • Reduce Risk with Secure and Compliant PDFs.
  • Track Changes on Critical Documents.
  • Use One Single Solution to All PDF Challenges.

Download the e-book today to read about real use-case examples and how ABBYY FineReader PDF can be used to improve the daily document processes in your law practice.

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