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3 Reasons Why FineReader PDF is the Leading PDF Tool to Improve Productivity

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In just the last year, the outburst of large language model (LLM)-based generative AI has caused a lot of hype as being one of the most transformative technological events in modern history since the Internet.

Artificial intelligence (AI), however, is not a new technology in pdf editing and document conversion tools such as ABBYY FineReader PDF, which leverages AI techniques to improve productivity as a PDF editor and a document conversion software. The purpose-built AI inside of FineReader PDF is what has enabled it to continuously maintain its position as a leading (and award-winning) PDF tool for many years. Read this article to learn what the industry, including our customers, have said about it lately.

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Improve productivity with an AI-driven tool

Throughout 2023, FineReader PDF was recognized by industry experts and our customers as one of the best software solutions for document productivity.

TechRadar named FineReader PDF the best document conversion software for independent business-owners, mentioning that “it's just about as comprehensive a solution as you would want for small businesses”, and FineReader PDF Mobile as best multilingual scanning app.

The ECM Consultant reflects on document scanning services noting that “ABBYY’s AI-based OCR and document-conversion technologies ensure high levels of accuracy and maintain layout and structure for further effortless editing.”


PCMag named FineReader PDF for Windows as one of the tools-of-choice for merging PDF documents, emphasizing the extended set of features that help to handle PDF-related tasks effectively. When it comes to scanning documents with a mobile phone, PCMag also gives credit to FineReader PDF Mobile for its multilingual capabilities.

An essential tool for Public Administration

One of the most heavily document-dependent industries is public administration. In a recent poll, FineReader PDF was voted by readers as “Product of the Year 2023,” specifically in the competitive “Software for public administration” category. This annual research is held by “IT in Administration” magazine, a leading Polish publication about information technologies for public institutions, tailored to both IT specialists and a broader audience within the public sector.

The readers of the magazine highly appreciated the quality, versatility, and value that FineReader PDF delivers for their work.

Voice of the users

FineReader PDF gets high ratings and numerous positive reviews on platforms such as, Capterra, Gartner’s GetApp, among others.

Based on user reviews, FineReader PDF was recognized as a Leader Winter 2024 in the categories ‘PDF Editor’, ‘Document Creation’, ‘OCR’, and ‘Document Scanning’.

“I like FineReader because it's a very quick and easy way to edit PDF documents as well as view them. What I like the most is the ‘compare documents’ function. FineReader is the perfect solution for my business.” – that’s what one FineReader PDF user, who works in the sphere of Government Relations, said in a video review published on

Based on the feedback collected, FineReader PDF ranked high among the competitors and therefore was included in the 2023 Capterra Shortlist in PDF category.

In their reviews, the users praise FineReader PDF for being user-friendly, reliable, accurate, and its excellent capabilities to convert digital documents into various formats.

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If you’re interested in FineReader PDF for your organization, contact our team of experts to discuss your scenario and get information about the benefits and licensing options for businesses.

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