Turkish Ministry optimizes document workflows and costs with FineReader PDF

Government Document Management
Customer Overview
Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey

The employees of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Republic of Turkey deal with various kinds of documents received from numerous resources. By implementing ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 as the single universal PDF and document conversion solution throughout the whole organization, the IT department of the Ministry was able to improve the efficiency of document workflows and significantly decrease software purchase and maintenance costs.



  • The processes of registering, analyzing, and approving different kinds of documents received from individual local and foreign resources took too much time.
  • The process of digitizing and entering the documents into the document management systems was not effective.
  • Support for the Turkish language was insufficient in the existing solutions.


  • With ABBYY FineReader PDF 15, the employees of the Ministry can now easily review the incoming documents, enter them into the system, search and edit, save as editable files when needed, convert shared documents to PDF, and protect them effectively.
  • On-premise deployment was quick, and the software is securely managed from a single server for thousands of users throughout all 81 offices.
  • FineReader PDF effectively processes documents in both Turkish and foreign languages.


  • One universal solution for various document tasks with great support of local language.
  • Increased effectiveness of document processes at every workplace in the organization.
  • Quick deployment process and effective ongoing management in a big organization with distributed offices.
  • Significantly reduced the total cost of ownership of a PDF and document conversion solution, thanks to perpetual licensing.

About customer

The Ministry of Industry and Technology of Republic of Turkey determines industrial policies and strategies in the country with the main goal of improving social welfare by ensuring sustainable growth of the country’s economy and further innovations. The Ministry has 81 central and regional offices and employs over 3500 people in total.

“We examined FineReader PDF comprehensively and were pleased to see that our choice was right.”

Emre Öğütcen, Ph.D., CIO (Chief Information Officer), Ministry of Industry and Technology of Republic of Turkey