Enhanced formats and language support

Enhanced formats and language support

FineReader PDF for Mac® can process documents in as many as 198 languages and works with image files and PDFs of various kinds.

Available for FineReader PDF for Mac


Convert documents written in multiple languages

Accurately convert documents written in multiple languages—for example, a German document containing English terminology, bilingual agreements, and so on.


Digitize Gothic (Fractur) scripts

Make scans of European documents printed between 1800 and 1920 in Gothic (Fractur) scripts searchable and editable—as a PDF, in Word, in RTF, and so on.


Converts PDFs, scans, images, and paper

Whatever type of document you have—be it a PDF of any type, a printed paper document, or its digital photo or scan—with FineReader PDF, you can unlock its content quickly and reliably.