ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac® offers a single, comprehensive solution for a wide variety of tasks performed when working with PDFs, scans and images of documents, and paper documents. FineReader PDF enables you to digitize them, correct or reuse information, and create industry standard archives, making the documents accessible, searchable, and protected.

  • Edit information “sealed” in a PDF, scan, or paper document

    Get an easily editable copy of your original PDF, scan, or paper document to make updates without manual retyping. FineReader PDF provides unmatched recognition accuracy and precisely reconstructs formatting and logical structure when converting documents to editable files.

  • Reuse it! Extract portions of text for further quotation, copying/pasting, and translation

    Pick an area on a document and extract the information from it. You can also convert an entire page or document to quote several text pieces and tables.

  • Protect your digital documents

    Protect the documents you digitize from unauthorized access by converting them to password protected PDFs for secure storing or sharing

  • Create reliable and searchable archives of PDF documents

    With FineReader PDF, you can easily scan and convert documents to searchable PDF or industry standard PDF/A files ideal for long-term archiving. Apply MRC compression to reduce the size of created files without reducing their visual quality.

  • Make your documents accessible

    Make your documents accessible via text-to-speech apps and tools by converting scanned PDFs, scanned or photographed images, or paper documents into formats containing digital text. To meet modern information accessibility requirements when publishing information, create PDF/UA. documents from all kind of PDFs, document images, and paper documents.

  • Create document copies for reading on the go

    With FineReader PDF, you can easily create digital copies of your paper documents and scans to read on mobile devices.

  • Capture your documents with a mobile device

    With Continuity Camera support, grab images of your documents with iPhone® or iPad® and send them directly to FineReader PDF to convert and edit, archive, or reuse.