Optimize PDF tasks across the entire business

FineReader PDF equips information workers with the PDF tools they need to embrace digital workflow solutions effectively. For small and medium-sized business, big companies, and public and educational institutions, volume licensing provides a cost-effective PDF solution.


Smart PDF productivity

Empower employees with AI-based OCR-driven technology to optimize a range of tasks when working with different kinds of PDFs.


Smooth roll out

Deploy one set of PDF tools on multiple workstations while enjoying flexible licensing options that grow with the business.


Cost-effective pricing

Benefit from 1 or 3 year subscription plans and volume discounts to maximize the impact across your organization.

Licensing options for businesses

ABBYY FineReader PDF offers flexible, straightforward licensing to meet the varied needs of private businesses, public organizations, and educational institutions.

  Per Seat

Per seat

min. 5 licenses
Terminal Server

Remote user

min. 5 licenses


min. 5 licenses

Site License

min. 50 licenses
Type of license Multiple-user license for local use on workstations. Multiple-user license for use with virtualization solutions. Network license, shared within a LAN, for local use on workstations. Multiple user “open” license for local use on workstations.
Installation Local or rollout installation, single or multiple license keys Installation on server, single license key Rollout installation, single or multiple license keys; License Manager tool on server Local or rollout installation, single license key; no activation required
Licensed per Licensed per workstation Licensed per named user Licensed per number of simultaneous users Licensed per workstation
Number of users Number of users equal to number of licenses purchased Number of users equal to number of licenses purchased Number of users equal to number of licenses purchased Number of users equal to number of licenses purchased
Available for FineReader PDF Standard,
FineReader PDF Corporate
FineReader PDF Standard,
FineReader PDF Corporate
FineReader PDF Corporate FineReader PDF Standard,
FineReader PDF Corporate

Want to know more?

Contact us for help in choosing the most suitable plan for your organization, including subscription plans.


Free PDF Viewer for organizations

Get rid of all the third-party PDF readers that the employees in your organization may be using, which can compromise security and cause IT headaches. When purchasing any number of FineReader PDF volume licenses, your organization can get as many additional licenses of FineReader-based PDF Viewer as it needs, without spending any extra.


Campus licenses for education

Special pricing and licensing offer for educational organizations of any size.

  • Exceptional value and flexibility
  • Easy mass deployment across the campus

Deploy FineReader PDF across all institutionally owned PCs in schools or universities. Tiered yearly pricing suits the budgets of organizations ranging from smaller schools to large universities.


FineReader PDF for using with RPA solutions

Special licenses available for ABBYY FineReader PDF allow the product to be used by program “robots” instead of humans in RPA scenarios. For such a usage, the following types of FineReader licenses for organizations are available:

  • ABBYY FineReader PDF Corporate, Per Seat
  • ABBYY FineReader PDF Corporate, Remote User

For more information and quotations for RPA-enabled FineReader PDF licenses, make a request to our Sales Team using the button below.

Video review from our business user

“I am system administrator in the legal industry and I give ABBYY FineReader PDF a five out of five. The software is fantastic. It's very fast. It's very accurate, and we absolutely love it.”

Kevin H.

System Administrator

Start FineReader PDF Business trial now

Choose the right license type for your business and test features, deployment, and management on multiple workstations across the entire organization.

Business trialPer Seat
Individual trial
Corporate edition functionality*    
Deployment on multiple workstations    
Number of licenses 5** 1
License types Choice of Per Seat, Remote User, or Concurrent Standalone only
Trial duration 30 days 7 days
Conversion limitation 500 pages total 100 pages
*Includes editing, commenting, document comparison and OCR conversion (Hot Folder automation)**All 5 licenses must be of the same/single license type
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Find out how ABBYY FineReader PDF Corporate can support you in managing document-related challenges — and how you can start using your documents and the information they contain more efficiently.

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Conquer your PDF challenges with FineReader PDF

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