Integrate via Command Line Interface (CLI)

Integrate via Command Line Interface (CLI)

FineReader’s document conversion and comparison functions can be controlled by simple commands executed in the command line. This allows easy and quick integration of these functions with other systems, such as Document Management Systems or ERPs, to further streamline business processes and make working with documents stored in these systems, faster and easier.

Available for FineReader PDF for Windows

Via CLI, there is access to the following functions:

1.Convert (OCR) PDFs and scanned documents:

  • Open an image of a document or a PDF to be converted
  • Scan a document from scanner
  • Apply pre-defined conversion settings
  • Specify document language(s)
  • Choose an application to open the conversion result (Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, e-mail client, web-browser, etc.)
  • (with the Extended CLI only) Save the conversion results to a file in a selected format (DOCX, XLSX, HTML, TXT, etc.)

2.Compare Documents:

  • Open the files of the two copies of a document to be compared
  • Specify document language or languages
  • Set PDF documents processing mode for better comparison accuracy
  • Set comparison options
  • Open the comparison results in FineReader’s Compare Documents
  • (with the Extended CLI only) Save the comparison results to a file in a selected format (full text of the documents in PDF with differences in comments, full text of the documents in DOCX with differences in Track Changes mode, DOCX with the comparison report)

Full description of supported FineReader PDF 16 CLI commands and their parameters you can find here.


Integrate FineReader PDF with document management systems in your organization

Make it possible for the users to convert or compare documents they are working with in a DMS or ERP without leaving the system’s interface by clicking just one custom-added button with a script to run document processing.


Compare different document versions stored in a DMS

Make FineReader PDF quickly run comparison of specified versions of a document (agreement, PO, etc.) stored in a DMS directly from within it by adding a control that calls FineReader PDF to process these documents via a command line. This would eliminate the need for users to manually run FineReader PDF and locate necessary copies of the documents.


Digitize image-based documents in an ERP

Provide users of your ERP with the ability to quickly digitize any image-based document inside of it (make it searchable or editable) by implementing a control with a command that would run FineReader PDF via CLI and perform the conversion without the user leaving the ERP interface.


Perform document conversion and comparison operations in scripts

With CLI, you can add document conversion or comparison operations to your scripts. With the Extended CLI, compared or digitized documents can be saved to a specified location without opening them in an application and waiting for the user to react.


Command Line Interface availability

With FineReader PDF CLI, you can launch document processing with the parameters specified in the command and get the result open on the screen. For conversion, an application to display the result can be chosen by the command parameters. For comparing files, the result is open in the Compare Document interface of FineReader PDF.

This regular CLI is available with any edition of ABBYY FineReader PDF 16, any type of license.

FineReader PDF does not work via CLI in a server mode (a user must be logged in), so it must be installed on every user machine locally.


Extended Command Line Interface availability

Extended CLI, in addition to the regular CLI functions, enables saving the results to the file or files in the specified formats without opening them on screen.

Extended CLI is available only with special licenses, either as a time-limited (1 year) one-time purchase or on subscription basis. Extended CLI enabled licenses are also limited by the number of pages to process (10,000 pages for conversion and 10,000 pages for comparison per year by default).