Optimize digitization and conversion routines

Optimize digitization and conversion routines

Leverage FineReader PDF functions integrated with Microsoft Office. Take a digital-first approach: capitalize on the advantages of working with PDFs. Automate document conversion routines across document varieties and multiple formats: PDF, Microsoft®Word, Excel®, and more than 15 others.

Available for FineReader PDF for Windows


Integrated with Microsoft Office

Improve your work with documents in Microsoft Office with FineReader PDF. Open and edit scanned and PDF documents instantly in Microsoft Word. Save emails, attachments and folders as searchable PDFs in Outlook. Create PDFs directly from within Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Compare a document directly from Word with its PDF or scanned copy.

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Automate with Hot Folder

Use a Hot Folder to automate document conversion tasks for individuals or workgroups — for example, to prepare documents scanned on the office multifunction printer or obtained by email as attachments for further processing. A Hot Folder is capable of processing up to 5,000 pages per month* (the number of pages resets every 30 days) and uses up to 2 CPU cores for document conversion.

*Conversion of multiple documents within the main FineReader PDF 15 user interface (New Task window) is unlimited in all product editions (Standard, Corporate).


Set up tasks for watched folders

Set up a watched folder on a local or network drive, FTP server, or mailbox, and any files placed in it will be converted automatically with the pre-defined settings, immediately or according to a schedule. With a Hot Folder, you can set up the processing settings for each watched folder individually.


Integrate FineReader PDF via CLI

Make document conversion and comparison easier and quicker to perform for the users of the DMS or ERP systems deployed in your organization. Do quick and simple integration of FineReader’s document comparison or conversion functions via command line interface (CLI) to call them directly from the system’s interface for the document(s) the user is currently working on.

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Custom tasks for common routines

Set up custom automated tasks with conversion steps and settings specifically tailored to your frequently performed tasks. Make repeating, daily conversion procedures easier to carry out in just a few clicks.