How To Create Fillable PDF Forms
with ABBYY FineReader PDF

Follow the simple steps in this video:

Method 1

  1. Create a blank PDF document. Press Ctrl+N or click File -> New PDF Document in the menu while in the New Task window.
  2. Add text parts of the form to the document using the Add Text tool. Click the PDF Tools button, then click the Edit button.
  3. Switch to the Form Editor using the corresponding button on the main tool pane and add interactive form fields in between the text parts of the form. Use Text Field, Check Box, Radio Button, Drop-down List, List Box, Button, and Signature Field tools to add different types of interactive field elements to the form.
  4. Adjust position and size of each element. You can drag whole elements to change their placement on the page or drag their borders to adjust the size.
  5. To set properties, define list elements or actions, etc. for each interactive element, double-click on the element or alternatively select Properties from the right-click menu.
  6. Save your interactive fillable PDF form by clicking File -> Save in the main menu.

Method 2

  1. Create a template of the text for the form in a text editor (e.g. Microsoft® Word).
  2. Convert the created template into a PDF using the Convert to PDF command in New Task window of FineReader PDF. The resulting PDF will open in the PDF Editor.
  3. Do steps 3 to 6 as described in the Method 1 above.

Design Fillable PDF Forms From Scratch

To create a fillable PDF form, just add texts, pictures, and various interactive fields to a blank document. With FineReader PDF, it is easy to create form fields by adding such elements as text fields, dropdown lists, radio button groups, check boxes, signature fields, and buttons.

Design fillable PDF forms from scratch
Make your forms look great

Make Your Forms Look Great

Neat, clear fillable PDF forms are much easier to use. In FineReader PDF’s Form Editor, adjust the appearance, size, and position of the form elements. The alignment assistant will help align them easily.

Set Actions

Set the required fields. Add buttons and assign actions to collect information or guide users to submit the form, open a file or a web link, go to a page, run JavaScript, or reset the form.

Set actions
Repurpose existing fillable forms

Repurpose Existing Fillable Forms

Create an interactive form based on an existing one. You can even add fillable fields in a non-fillable PDF to convert it to a fillable form.