How to Split a PDF
Into Multiple Files

Follow the simple steps in this video:

  1. Open the PDF document to split in the PDF Editor of FineReader PDF 15.
  2. Click File in the main menu, then click Split Document.
  3. In Split method section, select the desired method for dividing the PDF document into single parts.
    • Select By file size to set the maximum file size of the resulting parts of the split document. Each single part will not exceed the specified file size.
    • Select By page count to set the number of pages that each resulting part should contain. Each single part created by the tool will contain the specified number of consecutive pages from the initial document.
    • Select By bookmarks to split the PDF file each time a first-level bookmark (heading) is found in the document.
  4. Click How to name the parts of the split document. By default, the name for each part will incorporate the name of the initial file with the incremental numeration added at the end of the file name, so that every single part has a unique file name. You may type in a different name, and you may also select Add numeration to the beginning of the file names.
  5. Choose a folder to save the split results.
  6. Click the Split button to run the splitting process.

Split by file size, by page count, or by bookmarks.

Set the maximum file size for the document parts or the number of pages each part should contain. Alternatively, the tool can create a separate part each time there is a first-level bookmark (heading) found in the initial document.

Split by file size, by page count, or by bookmarks
Organize multiple parts of your split document

Organize multiple parts of your split document.

Define the file name template for the parts of the initial PDF document, including its common part and the numbering that can be placed before or after the common part. Define a save path for the split document.