Integration with Microsoft® Office

Integration with Microsoft® Office

Make your work with documents in Microsoft® Office easier and more effective with integrated FineReader PDF functions. Open and edit scanned and PDF documents instantly in Microsoft® Word. Save emails, attachments, and folders as searchable PDFs in Outlook. Create PDFs directly from within Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Compare a document directly from Word with its PDF or scanned copy.

Available for FineReader PDF for Windows

How to create PDF directly from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint:

1.Click ABBYY FineReader PDF tab.

2.Click Preferences to define type of PDF to be created, set passwords, etc.

3.Click Create PDF button.

4.Select where to save the PDF to be created; check Open document if you want it to open automatically in FineReader PDF.

In Word and Excel, you can send the PDF by email instead of saving it:

3.Click Create PDF and Send by E-mail button.

4.The PDF is attached to an automatically generated email message. Complete it and send.

How to save emails as PDFs from Outlook:

1.Click ABBYY FineReader PDF tab.

2.Click Preferences to create PDF/A or a password-protected PDF.

3.Select one or multiple emails.

4.Click Convert to PDF.

5.Select where to save the PDF and click Save. Check Open document if you want it to open automatically.

You can save whole folders as PDF using the button Create PDF from folder, or create PDFs from email attachments using the button Create PDF from attachments.

How to open a PDF or a scan in Word for editing:

1.Click ABBYY FineReader PDF tab.

2.Click Convert to Word button.

3.Set document language and document layout mode; click OK.

4.Select a PDF or a scan of the document you want to edit in Word; click Open – and that’s it!

You can also scan a paper document to Word to edit it. For that, do the same as above, but click Scan to Word on step two. Scanning dialogue will appear: put your document to the scanner, and FineReader PDF will do the rest.

How to compare a document in Word with a scanned copy or a PDF:

1.Click ABBYY FineReader PDF tab.

2.Click Compare document with button. Your current document is automatically added to ABBYY Compare Documents window.

3.Select a copy to compare it with, and click Compare button.

4.Check the differences between the two copies that FineReader PDF finds for you!


Archive or share emails

Save important emails and email attachments from Outlook as searchable PDFs to archive or share. Archive whole Outlook folders to one PDF.


Create PDF directly from the Office

Instantly create searchable PDFs, industry-standard PDF/A, or accessible PDF/UA documents from the documents you are working on — directly from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Save or share them by email.


Open PDFs and scans in Word

Easily open PDFs, scans, or even paper documents to edit and reuse them — directly in Microsoft® Word.


Compare with a scan or PDF in Word

Compare a document you are working on in Microsoft® Word to its PDF or scanned copy to find exact differences in the text or to make sure they are identical.