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Quarantine Changes Learning: How FineReader 15 Helps Remote Education

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The pandemic has shut down the learning in schools and universities worldwide. Students, teachers and professors have to find ways to organize eLearning effectively. However, often the tools are missing. Not only eLearning platforms must be established but also the whole collaboration and testing process must be digitized.

FineReader 15 can be of help. It is well equipped to make the process easier and is already used by countless schools and universities worldwide. Digitalization, collaboration and accessibility are only a few advantages a FineReader usage gets you.

Digitalization – Enable your documents for the digital learning process

Learning traditionally involves a lot of paper documents. With FineReader you can bring all of them into the digital loop. For example, create teaching materials and worksheets using content from different digital and paper resources. Or digitize tests again, once finished. Documents digitized by FineReader are instantly searchable (except handwritten parts). Information can be quickly found in educational materials across formats, including PDFs, scans, and documents converted from paper. Even tables from PDF or paper can be reused easily. ABBYY’s renown OCR (Optical Character Recognition) powers those conversions.

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Collaboration – Work together effectively

With digital teaching comes a lot of reviewing and correcting. With FineReader student assignments can be reviewed digitally, using PDF documents instead of paper. To that purpose, FineReader offers many collaboration tools which make the reviewing process easy and transparent. Furthermore, students can independently collaborate on papers if they also have access to FineReader.

Security – Protect documents from changes

With FineReader every PDF document becomes editable, which can be useful for modifying them. However, Students are mostly not supposed to edit work sheets. FineReader can protect every PDF document from changes by password.

Accessibility – Make documents audible

FineReader can provide students with visual impairments and reading disorders equal access to educational materials by converting documents into accessible PDF/UA files. They are readable to screen readers like the free NVDA screen reader and therefore audible. All students can benefit from that - imagine just listening to your papers.

Campus license – Enable your institute’s digital transformation

With ABBYY Campus Licenses, specifically tailored for universities and schools, educational institutions can deploy ABBYY FineReader across all institutionally owned PCs in schools or campuses of various sizes. Campus Licenses offer educational institutions exceptional value for the money for campus-wide usage.With tiered yearly pricing, Campus Licenses offer flexible and cost-efficient options for academic institutions to suit budgets ranging from smaller schools to large universities.

  • There is no need to define the exact number of licenses — choose a range and install as many copies as needed within the selected one.
  • Add more installations (within the range) as usage grows.
  • Change the range as needed annually when renewing (purchasing) a license for the following year.
  • Easy mass deployment and usage
  • Any user can use FineReader installed on computers in public places such as classrooms, libraries, etc.
  • Yearly purchase prices for Campus Licenses include Software Maintenance and Upgrade Assurance, which always keeps you equipped with the most recent FineReader updates and technical support.

Student Add-ons – Empower your students

When you work remotely in school or university, your students need tools for working efficiently. Student Add-ons are ideal for equipping students with FineReader on their privately owned devices. A school or a university with a Campus License can purchase additional licenses for their students as Student Add-ons at an affordable price point. Choose between FineReader 15 (for Windows) and FineReader Pro for Mac.

FineReader PDF empowers teachers and students to maximize efficiency in the digital workplace. Featuring ABBYY’s latest AI-based OCR technology, FineReader makes it easier to digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in remote learning. Test it yourself!

For smaller students assignments you might also consider ABBYY’s apps like FineScanner, which offers a lot of digitization power. You find it at AppStore.

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