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Every modern smartphone is a pretty powerful computer. So why not use it for document storage, with perfect scans and online and offline text recognition–all in your pocket. FineReader PDF for iOS is a younger sibling of the world-famous FineReader PDF.

FineReader PDF Mobile is an AI-powered intelligent mobile scanner that quickly captures documents, creates their electronic copies in PDF and JPEG, and extracts texts from scans without even requiring an internet connection. FineReader PDF Mobile provides conversion into the 12 most popular document formats. The app is an all-in-one mobile scanner and PDF editor. You no longer have to use multiple apps to scan, recognize, convert, annotate, sign, and share documents—you can now do it all in one place.

What can you do with FineReader PDF Mobile?

Scanning documents

FineReader PDF Mobile is a perfect tool for creating scans of any paper document–agreements, IDs, bills, handwritten notes, etc. Usually, photographs of papers made using regular smartphone cameras end up with focus, contrast, and perspective that are far from perfect. FineReader PDF Mobile significantly improves the quality of your photos. It turns them into ideal scans by removing unnecessary backgrounds (like desks or tables), fixing perspective, shaping the image into a rectangle, and applying sharpness and contrast filters.

The advantage of scanning with a smartphone is mobility. Scanning papers will no longer require massive desktop devices in the office or at home. What’s more, as a smartphone’s always at hand, a scan can be created anywhere–at a cafe, on a business trip, at a conference, at a university. All you need is a fairly horizontal surface with a background that is contrasting enough.   

Recognizing text

You can extract text from photos of documents whether you are online or even offline. The online recognition mode supports 193 languages and export to 12 document formats, preserving the formatting of your original text. This means that the recognized text will look the same as it did in the original photo, but it will become editable. Offline recognition mode supports 63 languages and exports plain text to TXT format. In this mode, the recognition is performed locally on the device.

With FineReader PDF Mobile, you can transform any paper to an editable document within a minute, make adjustments and corrections, share, or print.

Making marks and annotations on scans (iOS only)

FineReader PDF for iOS has a set of easy-to-use tools: signature, highlighter, pen, text box, and redaction of sensitive content. Annotating and making markups on scans have never been so handy.

Manage pages in multi-page documents

You can effortlessly reorder, delete, or add pages in already created scans by tapping one button.

Share anywhere

Choose the most appropriate way to share documents–via email, to any supported app via Open in menu, save to smartphone’s gallery, or cloud storage. FineReader PDF for iOS supports export to 9 cloud storages, including iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for Business. Scans can be sent to a cloud storage both manually and automatically in accordance with settings.

The latest FineReader PDF Mobile feature is an integration with FineReader PDF 15 for Windows. Scans created with a mobile app can be exported to the Windows app to continue working with documents on a computer. The feature works via Google Drive and requires a Google Account.

How to send scans from FineReader PDF for iOS to FineReader PDF for Windows

Put photos in order with the Smart Gallery

FineReader PDF for iOS organizes photos with the AI-powered Smart Gallery feature, making it easier and faster to find them. The app automatically sorts all user’s pictures in a gallery into seven specific categories: A4, books, business cards, handwritten, IDs, other docs, and receipts. Classification is done on a device without an Internet connection. 

Search photos by text

FineReader PDF for iOS has an instant text search feature. It provides users with a new document management experience that allows searching through text on photos in the gallery. When a user first opens the gallery, all images are securely OCRed on-device without the Internet to enable instant text search results. Just type words you are looking for, and FineReader PDF will display the images of documents that contain those words in search results.

And there is more!

With FineReader PDF Mobile installed on your iPhone, you also can...

  • Tag your scans and images. Define your own tags or use the set of predefined ones.
  • Search documents by name or by tags.
  • Create Siri Shortcuts to open documents using a voice command (iOS only).
  • Measure document size using the AR measurer to preserve to the original size of a document for printing (iOS only).
  • Protect PDFs created in FineReader PDF with a password (iOS only).

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