Equip your employees with a scanner on the go

FineReader PDF Mobile for Enterprise is the version of FineReader PDF for iOS and Android specifically designed for businesses. It supports the most popular MDM (EMM) systems and provides the ability to enable or disable features based on the organization's needs and security policy.


Save time with digital workflows

Scan internal and client docs using a smartphone and create professional-looking images.


Enable remote work

Facilitate access to and retrieval of information. Documents transfer directly to the corporate cloud storage.


Ensure secure data transfer

Сonfidential information of customers and partners is reliably protected using modern technologies.

Key features

What people are saying about us

"So much more professional"

Every document I scan comes out perfect to send to my client. It looks so much more professional than taking a picture and sending it on.

What our customers sayChristian Mauro 28 Jun, 2019

"The best ever"

Absolutely amazing app. All in one, you can scan documents, rename them, save them, email...everything works perfectly. You can also sign in, edit PDF documents converted, and the list goes on and on. I am so glad I got it. It works for everything and so worth the money. Keeps everything organized and labeled, tagged, easy to find, easy to use...just a big thank you.

What our customers sayEvychka 11 Jul, 2021

"Awesome App"

This app makes working in sales much more convenient. We have to work with a lot of different contracts that unfortunately need to be printed and rescanned, and being able to do it on the fly is key. Highly recommend this app and frequently recommend it to physicians to make their lives easier.

What our customers sayHhskojx h 15 Jan. 2021