Edit Image

Improve the quality of photos and scans manually for best conversion results using built-in Image Editor tools.

Available for FineReader PDF for Mac

How to use Image Editor tools with ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac

1.Open FineReader PDF for Mac and select Advanced conversion.

2.Select the Image Editor feature located in the top right corner of the interface of the opened document image.

3.Choose from the set of tools displayed to manipulate and enhance document images before converting them.

4.By clicking on each tool, a set of customizable options are displayed which can be tweaked to improve the quality of document images.

5.Click on Export to convert the document photo or scan to a range of editable and searchable output formats.

*Every tool can be applied to the current page only, selected pages, odd pages, even pages or all pages. If the tool is applied to all pages, it can be undone only to the current page.



Corrects skew on images obtained by scanner or camera.


Straighten Сurved Text

Straightens curved text lines on images where curvature is produced by shooting or scanning.


Photo Correction

Removes motion blur and ISO noise from an image.


Rotate & Flip

Rotates images right, left, 180°, and flipped horizontally and vertically to get the text on the image facing in the right direction.



Removes image parts outside document edges, document margins with scanning defects, or to bring the image to the desired size.


Image Resolution

Corrects resolution of a document image to improve the quality of a converted document in order to make it better suitable for printing, etc.


Brightness & Contrast

Enhances the quality of color and grayscales images with options to automatically adjust brightness and contrast and change background to white.


Correct Perspective

Straightens images taken by camera from different distances and angles of view to reduce perspective distortion.


Split Pages

Splits image of double pages of books and magazines.



Removes selected fragments from a page image by applying 3 color options: auto-color, black or white background.