Protect and sign PDFs

Protect and sign PDFs

Mitigate security risks when sharing and storing PDFs. Apply and verify digital signatures, redact sensitive information, remove hidden data, and manage access to your PDF documents.

Available for FineReader PDF for Windows


Redact sensitive information

Prevent the disclosure of privileged or confidential information with a reliable redaction tool. Permanently and irreversibly remove sensitive information such as personal data, bank account numbers, etc., from a PDF, including body text, headers and footers, comments, and metadata. Search through and redact either single keywords or a predefined list of keywords throughout the whole document within seconds.



Remove hidden data

Mitigate the risk of unintentionally sharing confidential information in a PDF by removing hidden objects and data with one click. You can remove text layers added by OCR, comments and annotations, attachments, bookmarks, metadata, links, media, actions, scripts, and form data.


Apply password protection

Manage access to PDF content with different levels of password protection that restricts either opening the document itself or taking actions with its content such as printing, editing, or extracting information.


Certify with digital signatures

Sign PDFs with a digital signature certificate. In addition to a digital signature, you can create and insert a facsimile of your handwritten signature. Verify digital signatures in a PDF to ensure their authenticity and integrity.