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How to Reorder Pages in PDF with ABBYY FineReader PDF 15


Previously, we discussed how to use FineReader PDF 15 for PDF page manipulations such as combining and splitting PDF documents and adding pages to a PDF document from different sources: another PDF file, a file in another format, or even a direct feed from a scanner. Now, let’s continue to explore how you can manage pages in your PDF documents with FineReader PDF.

Changing page order in a PDF

Reordering can be done by simply dragging and dropping pages. Click a page thumbnail in the Pages window and drag it to the desired position in the document. A black line that appears between pages while you’re moving the mouse will indicate where the page will be placed if you release the mouse button there. FineReader will scroll the page list up or down automatically once you reach the top or bottom of the window.

change order of PDFs

Moving pages 3 and 4 to the position between the pages 1 and 2

To move several pages at once, first select them while holding down the Ctrl key (to select multiple nonsequential pages) or the Shift key (to select a range of pages). Then just repeat the drag-and-drop action described above.

Tip: For a better overview of the document content in the Pages window, expand the width by dragging the window border to the right:

expand Pages window in FineReader PDF 15

Expanding Pages window to make pages manipulation easier

Thus, you can easily move the pages around the document in the Pages window, while the main window of the PDF Viewer serves as the preview window for the selected page.

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