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How to easily update and edit PDFs

update pdf

FineReader lets you work with any PDF as you would work with any editable document such as Microsoft® Word. With FineReader, scanned PDFs are as editable as digitally-created PDFs. Just open a PDF file and start editing: correct typos and change data or pictures directly within in a PDF, also add, delete, and rearrange pages.

1. How to correct typos and change data

Press ‘Edit’ and start editing:

edit pdf finereader

You can insert and delete typos, change text font, size, color right within in a PDF document without first converting it to MS Word:

edit pdf typos

2. If you need to erase the whole area, the best tool to use is the ‘Eraser’. 

pdf eraser tool

Or simply outline the area and right click with a mouse:

pdf eraser

3. FineReader also allows you to reposition the lines in a normal PDF throughout the document. Just select the line or a group of lines by pressing ‘Shift’ button and move them to required position.

move lines pdf

4. Is it possible to move pictures? Yes!

edit images pdf

How can FineReader help in your work?

Account Managers: Easily edit downloaded SAP invoices, modify value-added tax or correct inputs, codes or date of issue.

Marketing professionals: Confidently remove or reshuffle slides in presentation previously saved as a PDF. Make edits, delete confidential slides or redact sensitive information.

Analysts: Quickly and accurately extract any  area, part or number of required pages from multiple-page report and save them as a separate file for further work.

Sales representatives: No worries editing typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes in a brochure absent the designers. Quickly repurpose your documents with fresh material for distribution.

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