Search, replace, and redact

Search, replace, and redact

Search through the entire document including comments, headers and footers and even metadata.

Available for FineReader PDF for Windows

How to search within PDFs and manage the results

1.Open your PDF document in FineReader PDF.

2.Click on the Search tab resembling a magnifying glass located in a vertical pane on the left-hand side of the screen, or click View in the Main menu and select Search from the drop-down menu.

3.In the text field, type the word or phrase you want to find.

4.The search results displayed will be arranged into groups (by source: text, comments, or bookmarks) for easy viewing and sorting.

5.Highlight, cross-out, or underline the search hits directly in the text of the document.

6.Use the “Replace” tab to substitute words from the displayed search queries with replacement text, and click Replace.

7.Use the “Redact” tab to mark a single word or phrase to be redacted throughout the whole document (including metadata), or a list of words and phrases. With a single click on “Redact,” the selected words or phrases will be replaced with black rectangles, rendering the content impossible to retrieve.

8.Save changes.


Search through text in PDF files

Search for a word using the search bar, sort through entire documents, including comments, headers and footers, and even metadata to quickly identify specific keywords or phrases. With background recognition, all documents (including scanned documents), become instantly searchable upon opening.


Navigate through search results easily

The keyword search results are highlighted and easily visible throughout the document. View, sort through, and revise the list of found results displayed in a separate panel, and highlight, cross out, or underline the search hits in the text directly.


Replace text in PDF files

Update the content of PDFs quickly without having to look through multiple PDFs page by page. Use the search tab to find keywords and phrases and replace them using the Replace tab.


Redact text in PDF files

Сheck your PDF documents for confidential information that may be contained before sharing or publishing them using the search function. Mark out the found keywords to be redacted from the entire document at once or create and use a list of keywords. The redacted information becomes unavailable and is replaced with black rectangles or asterisks within the document itself, yielding no results when trying to search for it again. Copying or otherwise retrieving the redacted information will not be possible.