The new Split Document tool allows you to separate large PDFs containing multiple pages into smaller parts. Splitting a document into multiple parts makes it easy to meet size requirements for documents to be uploaded or stored, easily separate documents of the same length (such as questionnaires, forms, datasheets, and so on) scanned as a batch into a single PDF, or save the document chapters as separate PDFs.

Split by file size, by page count, or by bookmarks

Set the maximum file size for the document parts or how many pages each part should contain. Alternatively, the tool can create a separate part each time there is a first level bookmark (heading) found in the initial document.

Organize multiple parts of your split document

Define the file name template for the parts of the initial PDF document, including its common part and the numbering that can be placed before or after the common part. Define a saving path for the split document.

How to Split a PDF into multiple files

  1. Open the PDF document to split in the PDF Editor of FineReader PDF 15.
  2. Choose “File” in the main menu, then choose “Split Document” tool.
  3. In “Split method” section, choose the method for dividing the PDF document into single parts.
    • If “By file size” method is chosen, set the maximum file size of the resulting parts of the split document.
    • Each single part will not exceed the specified file size.
    • If “By page count” method is chosen, set the number of pages that the resulting parts should contain. Each single part created by the tool will contain the specified number of consecutive pages from the initial document.
    • If “By bookmarks” method is chosen, the tool will split the PDF file each time a first level bookmark (heading) is found in the document.
  4. Choose how to name the parts of the split document. By default, it is the name of the initial file with the incremental numeration added at the end of the file names, so that every single part has a unique file name. You may type in a different name, and also select to add numeration in the beginning of the file names.
  5. Choose a folder to save the split results.
  6. Click “Split” button to run splitting process.

Note: If you need to split multiple PDF documents, each of them must be split separately.

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Edit, protect and collaborate on PDFs
Create and convert PDFs
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Edit, protect and collaborate on PDFs
Create and convert PDFs
Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR

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