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Alternative to Adobe Acrobat – FineReader PDF 15 is Here

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When you are looking for an Adobe Acrobat alternative, it is most often foremost about the price. In this blog we explain why you should look for more than that. FineReader has a lot to offer!

So, you want to get rid of Acrobat? For most, it is a decision about price and service. FineReader PDF offers both a fine price and the excellent service of a dedicated software company.  FineReader also offers flexible licensing options, including  perpetual licensing, concurrent licensing, and the software is on premise. But that’s not all!

First, you get everything you need for your PDF workflow in an office environment with FineReader PDF. You can edit, protect, and collaborate on PDFs and create and convert PDFs. A new puzzle piece was recently added with FineReader PDF 15 for Windows: Now, form editing and form creation are supported. Additionally, FineReader PDF provides a comparison feature for documents of different formats, which is appreciated very much by our customers – especially when they work intensively on contracts and other documents with various involved parties. Creating PDFs out of Office documents and converting PDFs to Office documents rounds up the package. (See also Full Feature List.)

FineReader PDF integrates the renowned ABBYY OCR technology, which is based on an AI approach. With OCR, a seamless integration of scanned documents as searchable PDF in the digital workflow is guaranteed. FineReader PDF 15 is truly international, offering the most languages (198) for worldwide document exchange. Additionally, gothic scrips for historical documents in some European languages were recently added.

However, if you think OCR is only for recognizing paper documents and integrating them into the workflow, you are mistaken. ABBYY OCR in FineReader PDF actually enables a lot of functionalities. Images of text can be made accessible in FineReader PDF by its unique background recognition feature. Without any effort from the user’s side, all PDFs are made instantly accessible. This integrates  ease of use and user friendliness for the non-expert users of FineReader PDF.

On a more technical note, many internal functions in FineReader PDF rely on OCR. The reason for that is that not all PDFs, not even the digital born, are structured and accessible. Because of that, FineReader PDF utilizes OCR for different purposes. For example, multiline editing, extraction text from tables, URL auto detection, or saving as PDF/UA rely on OCR technology.

To summarize, FineReader PDF is not just a more affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, but it offers its own unique features and helps you tremendously in successfully handling the digital transformation in your office.

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